Weddings by Eric

LJ + Lauren | St. Joseph’s Church & Chicory Wedding

Married: October 29, 2016
Bridal Prep Location: JW Marriott
Ceremony: St. Joseph Church (Gretna, LA)
Reception: The Chicory
Entertainment: Bucktown All-Stars
Videography: Suzy Marks
Florist: Nola Flora
Bakery: The Royal Cakery
Hair: Nicole Bruhn (UP SA DAISY)
Makeup: Suzette Stuprich (EYE DO MAKEUP)
The Bridesmaids wore: ADRIANNA PAPELL
Bridal Boutique: Blanc Bridal
Tuxedos: John’s Tuxedos
Live Painter: Pappion Artistry
Stationery: Abbey Printing; Rudmann’s
Candles: Luminous Events

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