We love photographing weddings and portrait sessions at the beautiful New Orleans Felicity church located on the corner of Felicity and Chestnut Street. When you enter the church you'll regard the stunning altar which back windows are adorned with hundreds of stained glass panes.  Seeing the bright sunlight come through these panes, scattering colored light is breathtaking.  Brides and grooms have the option of getting ready at the church as a room is provided. 

The church can be used for more than just a wedding reception.  The space also makes a beautiful backdrop for your bridal, family, or even a maternity portrait session.  

The maternity session images were taken on a typical New Orleans rainy day.  If you are from the area, then you are well aware of our crazy and unpredictable weather.  Even when the forecast says 40% chance of rain you really don't know what that means.  Maybe it will rain for 15 minutes out of the day?  It may not rain at all?  Or the sky could open and the heavens could rain down.  We had originally planned to photograph this maternity outside until the bad weather was upon us.  Thankfully this momma to be was able to secure an appointment at Felicity Curch

A little bit of History

The original name was Steele Chapel and it was built in 1850 as a Methodist church. It was designed by architect Thomas K. Wharton  who also worked with James Gallier, Sr. in New Orleans and later on the US Customs House in New Orleans. Unfortunately, on April 17, 1887 the church was accidentally set on fire when an organ repairman dropped a candle.  Thankfully the church was rebuilt and reopened in 1888.  The rebuild of the church was to the current Gothic Revival building  by architects William C. Williams and Samuel Patton.

Felicity Church underwent catastrophic damage during Hurricane Katrina in 2005.  After sitting vacant for eight years, new owners Chris Jones and Jessica Walker purchased Felicity Church in 2011.  Together, they spent the next several years making repairs and rebuilding Felicity Church to its former glory.  They were the first wedding that took place in the church in almost a decade.

Chris and Jessica reopened Felicity Church as a nontraditional reception venue and as a nondenominational sanctuary of love and acceptance.