Married: January 18, 2020
Bridal Prep: AirBnB
Ceremony: Our Lady of Good Counsel
Reception: il Mercato
Videographer: Dale Films
Band / DJ: Four Unplugged
Florist: Leaf + Petal
Bakery: Debbie Heyd
Hair: Flawless
Makeup: Flawless
Bridesmaid Gown designer: Jenny Yoo, Amsale, and Watters
Bridal Boutique: Glamour Closet Chicago
Tuxedo Store: Suit Supply
Candles/Lighting: Leaf + Petal
Lounge seating: Distressed Rentals

How did you meet?
Our mutual friend Caleb hooked us up! Taylor lived in Chicago at the time and I was in grad school with Caleb’s Wife back in Alabama. I told Caleb he was crazy to set me up with his friend that lived all the way in Chicago but after a few phone calls turned into a few flights visiting each other, we quickly realized we wouldn’t let distance stop us. After a year and a half long distance I moved to Chicago and the rest is history!

Include a little bit about yourselves. What do you do?
Taylor is a financial advisor within Northwestern Mutual.
Caroline is a physical therapist.

What is your favorite thing about each other? Share a personal story.
My favorite thing about Taylor is his respect and thoughtfulness towards others. For anyone from family to the check out lady at the grocery store. I love that he can make me realize to not sweat the small stuff and always bring me back down to reality.

Caroline wakes up every morning seeing the bright/positive side of everything.

How did the proposal go? Who proposed to who, were you surprised?
Taylor proposed to me in Savannah, Ga our first morning there in the historic house where we were staying. We are known to be early risers and it was hilarious because we actually got engaged around 6 am and woke my parents up when we FaceTimed them to tell them the good news. My dad said “of course you two got engaged at the crack of dawn”. He definitely threw me off and I was definitely surprised!

Where was your ceremony held and why did you pick this site?
Our Lady of Good Counsel. We loved the church, location, and my aunt and uncle got married there.

Where was your Reception held and why did you pick this site?
Il Mercato. It’s absolutely stunning and loved the location.

What unique or special things did you do at the reception?
Mardi gras beads as guests walked in, glow sticks, family pictures, a picture book of Taylor and I at the lounge area. My three brothers and their girls joined in on our dance.

Pick one moment in the day that was your favorite thing?
Walking down the aisle to Taylor!

Did it really go by as quickly as everyone says?

What was the inspiration behind picking the color palette and decor that you picked?
Warm tones to make it feel cozy and welcoming.

From the Bride - When you first saw the groom, what were you thinking/feeling?
I am so beyond lucky to have this man and dang he looks good in that suit.

From the groom - When you first saw the bride, what were you thinking/feeling?
She looked beautiful!

Who was your baker, what was the flavor of your cake? Was it delicious?!
Royal Cakery - a bunch of flavors!! It was SO GOOD. We cut the carrot cake layer.

Did you do a first look? If so how did you feel about it? If not, do you wish you had?
I am so happy we did one. I really didn’t want to but it helped ease nerves and just like everyone said it really didn’t take away from when I was walking down the aisle.

Did you have a coordinator or did you plan everything yourself? If you didn't have a coordinator any advice for brides planning their own wedding?
My mom and I did everything. Key is being organized!! And starting early. We did everything so early on that it made it less stressful. Keep everything in an email and send follow up emails after speaking to a vendor on the phone.

What was your first dance song? Why this song?
Johnnys Song by Cross Canadian Ragweed. We just love the lyrics and we felt it fit us perfectly.

Band or DJ? Did they rock it?
Band. Four Unplugged. THEY WERE SO AMAZING!

We want to hear YOUR advice for future brides.
Don’t sweat the small stuff. Always remember the most important part of the day is just you and your partner and look around realizing how much everyone loves you. Enjoy being with your HUSBAND and don’t separate at the reception!!

We work really hard to help come up with a timeline and plan for the portrait list to make sure you are getting the most out of your day. How useful was this for you?
It was AMAZING!! Corine, you made the day. Truly. We have been talking non stop how amazing you were during the day. It was beyond helpful.

Anything else you want to say?
THANK YOU!!!! No words otherwise. THANK YOU THANK YOU!