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New Orleans Old Ursaline Convent Wedding | Katie & Tim

Y’all did a really great job. Very efficient. We had multiple family members comment on how great y’all were. Thank you!!

Married: March 5, 2022
Bridal Prep: Hotel Provincial
Ceremony: St. Mary’s Catholic Church
Reception: Old Ursuline Convent
Videographer: Studio Vieux Carre
Band: NOLA Dukes
Coordinator: Ruby & Pearl
Florist: Bella Blooms
Bakery: Bittersweet Confections
Hair: Flawless Bride & Beauty
Makeup: Flawless Bride & Beauty
Bridal Boutique: The Bridal Collection
2nd Line Band: Paulin Brothers

How did you meet?
We met at Bayou Burger (previously on Magazine street) watching South Carolina men’s basketball team make it to the Final Four in 2017. I asked him out two days later.
Include a little bit about yourselves. What do you do?
I’m a GI Fellow. I did my Internal Medicine Residency at Tulane and a Chief Year at Tulane.

Tim is a chemical engineer and worked in New Orleans for 11 years.

We recently moved to Denver for my GI fellowship.
what is your favorite thing about each other? Share a personal story.
After a few months of dating and after sharing with friends an extra large Hurricane at Pat O’s (the one where you have to put a $75 deposit down for just the glass), Tim and I skipped down Canal street on our way home. Tim shouted to everyone else how much he loved me as we skipped. This was the first time he told me he loved me. It was awesome.
How did the proposal go? Who proposed to who, were you surprised?
Tim and I had just finished up a run club in downtown New Orleans and were sitting on our balcony drinking wine in sweatpants when he asked me to marry him.
Where was your ceremony held and why did you pick this site?
Ceremony was at St. Mary’s because we are both Catholic and it is gorgeous.
Where was your Reception held and why did you pick this site?
Old Urseline Convent- it just seemed like a good fit for our families and is also gorgeous.
What unique or special things did you do at the reception? (for example, ice sculptures, live painter, glow sticks, sun glasses, 2nd line band, mardi gras indians, memory table, the list goes on of fun things you may have done)
2nd line band.
Our signature book was a book of dive bars in New Orleans.
Pick one moment in the day that was your favorite thing?
We killed our first dance. Tim is not really a dancer, but we had a fun time preparing for it, and it went so well. We loved the crowd’s response.
Did it really go by as quickly as everyone says?
What was the inspiration behind picking the color palette and decor that you picked?
Both of our favorite colors are blue. So just went with what looked good with that.
From the Bride – When you first saw the groom, what were you thinking/feeling?
I just felt lucky. We are finally getting married, and I’m so excited to start our next phase of life together.
From the groom – When you first saw the bride, what were you thinking/feeling?
I was very excited. There was obviously a lot of build up to the moment and it was well set up. It was just a surreal moment and I was glad with the way that it went.
Who was your baker, what was the flavor of your cake? Was it delicious?!
Bittersweet Confections. We liked the red velvet the best.
Did you do a first look? If so how did you feel about it? If not, do you wish you had?
Yes, very glad we did a first look.
Did you have a coordinator or did you plan everything yourself? If you didn’t have a coordinator any advice for brides planning their own wedding?
My mom was my main coordinator and then we had Ruby and Pearl do the month of planning for us.
What was your first dance song? Why this song?
Can’t help falling in love by Elvis Presley.
Band or DJ? Did they rock it?
Band. Yes, they did an excellent job.
We want to hear YOUR advice for future brides.
Just have fun.
We work really hard to help come up with a timeline and plan for the portrait list to make sure you are getting the most out of your day. How useful was this for you?
Oh this was great. Y’all did a really great job. Very efficient. We had multiple family members comment on how great y’all were.
Anything else you want to say?
Thank you!!