Weddings by Corine

Pops Fountain Arbor Room New Orleans City Park Wedding | Candace & Tyler

Married November 17, 2018
Prep: Family Home
Ceremony: Pops Fountain in City Park
Reception: New Orleans City Park Arbor Room
Videographer: Edison Burke Videography
Band / DJ: No Idea Band
Coordinator: Cathy Kercheval
Florist: Something Borrowed Blooms
Bakery: Swiss Confectionary
Hair Flawless: Bride
Makeup Flawless: Bride
Brides Gown Designer: Stella York
Bridesmaid Gown designer: Sorella Vita
Bridal Boutique: Town & Country
Tuxedo Store: John’s Tuxedos
2nd Line Band: No Idea Band
Candles/Lighting: Countdown Sound & Productions


How did you meet?
Tyler and I met in 7th grade. We grew up together and were friends for years before senior trip in 2007 when feelings developed and we’ve been together ever since. We dated through college, Tyler playing professional baseball, and both of us pursuing nursing careers. We are both nurses. I work in the NICU and Tyler works in the ER. I enjoy shopping for and decorating our new home and Tyler likes to work outside in the yard and hunt.

So what is your favorite thing about each other? 
Tyler is the most generous person I know. He gives of his time and talent while never expecting anything in return.
My favorite thing about Candace is that she is strong willed and kind hearted.

How did the proposal go? 
Tyler proposed to me in Central Park in New York last December. It was such a magical time in New York at Christmas and it was just icing on the cake to get engaged on that trip.

Where was your ceremony and reception held?
We got married at Popp Fountain in City Park. It reminded me so much of where we got engaged in Central Park. The fountain is just beautiful and I knew it would be a perfect in the fall. Our reception was at the Arbor Room in City Park. The venue is so romantic. The white fabric walls and two walls of windows make the room feel so open and modern.

What unique or special things did you do at the reception?
We second lined at the end of our reception. This was so fun and a way for everyone to get up and dance as the evening came to a close.
We also had a memory table of our deceased grandparents that we wish could have been with us that day.

Pick one moment in the day that was your favorite thing?
Walking down the aisle and seeing each other for the first time knowing we were about to get married was the most exciting and magical part of the day.

Did it really go by as quickly as everyone says?
Yes and no. Everyone told me to pay attention to everything because it will fly by. So I made it a point to notice everyone and every detail of the day. I feel like I remember everything and cherish every moment.

What was the inspiration behind picking the color palette and decor that you picked?
I love gold! Tyler loves navy! Good thing those colors look amazing together. 🙂

From the Bride – When you first saw the groom, what were you thinking/feeling?
He looked so handsome and I was just so excited to get up there and hold hands and get married!

From the groom – When you first saw the bride, what were you thinking/feeling?
Candace looked perfect. I have never seen a more beautiful person in my life!

Who was your baker, what was the flavor of your cake? Was it delicious?!
Swiss Confectionery We had lemon and strawberry fillings. The cake was so delicious!

Did you do a first look? 
Tyler and I did not do a first look. I wanted that moment to be at the fountain and it was perfect.
My dad and I did a first look and he cried. It was so sweet.

Did you have a coordinator or did you plan everything yourself? 
City Park provided us with the most amazing coordinators. Cathy managed the big stuff like coordinating every one of our vendors. Denise coordinated the rehearsal and the wedding day. Denise was the most fabulous day-of coordinator! Nothing was missed and everyone stayed totally organized.

What was your first dance song? Why this song?
Diamonds or Twine – Ryan Hurd
We met and saw Ryan Hurd perform two years ago at the Crawfish Festival in Gulfport. When he wrote this song for his wedding to Marren Morris we knew it was special and we had that history with it so it was perfect for us.

Band or DJ? Did they rock it?
No Idea
This band kept everyone on the dance floor and was so much FUN!

We want to hear YOUR advice for future brides.
Be present and be decisive throughout the process. Do your research on vendors. I stayed with companies. Don’t be ridiculous and keep up with the Joneses. Be true to yourself and love every second of it. Oh and don’t forget this is about a marriage not just the wedding. Keep your husband close through the process too!

Anything else you want to say?
Corine and Kacie were absolutely fabulous! I cannot say enough amazing things about Studio Tran. The entire process leading up to the day was smooth and easy. That day Corine and Kacie knew exactly what to do and where to be to get every moment of the day.