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Race & Religious Wedding Photographer | Laurie & Devin

“I really enjoyed working with Corine and Kacie. They were professional yet warm, kept me comfortable and grounded, and I’d recommend working with Studio Tran to anyone in the future. THANK YOU!” -Laurie

Married: November 22, 2019
Bridal Prep: Race and Religious
Ceremony: Race and Religious
Reception: Race and Religious
Videographer: Eskimo Love Stories
Band / DJ: Kinfolk Brass Band
Coordinator: Erin Eustis
Florist: Bee’s Wedding Designs
Bakery: Maurice French Pastries
Hair: Hydie Knight & Beth Washington
Makeup: Sarah Walsh
Bridal Boutique: Yvonne La Fleur
Tuxedo Store: Men’s. Groomsmen suits from John’s Tuxedos
2nd Line Band: Kinfolk Brass Band
Stationary: Basic Invite
Candles/Lighting: Element
Decor: Element

How did you meet?
We were set up on a blind date! One of the rare occasions that one of those worked out!

what is your favorite thing about each other? Share a personal story.
My favorite thing about Devin is his goofy sense of humor. He’s constantly making me smile or laugh by randomly breaking into goofy dance moves, saying witty things, making silly jokes, etc.

Devin’s favorite thing about me is how easily we can joke together.

How did the proposal go? Who proposed to who, were you surprised?
Devin proposed in Orange Beach, Alabama. We went on a beach trip with friends for Memorial Day weekend 2018. Devin asked me to go on a walk with him and while on the walk, pointed something out in the water. It was a message in a bottle! When I opened it up, it was a hand-written letter asking me to marry him. I looked up, and he got on one knee. I of course said yes. All our friends were off in the distance waiting for the big moment. It was perfect.

Where was your ceremony held and why did you pick this site?
We picked Race + Religious for both the ceremony and the reception. Devin had worked several events at R+R when he was working in catering. He’d tell me every time that I needed to see this place. I saw photos online, but photos don’t do it justice. When we were looking at venues, R+R was the first place we looked, and everywhere else paled in comparison. We knew we wanted an outdoor wedding, and the setting just cannot be beat. It’s the perfect mix of bohemian and classy.

What unique or special things did you do at the reception? (for example, ice sculptures, live painter, glow sticks, sun glasses, 2nd line band, mardi gras indians, memory table, the list goes on of fun things you may have done)
We had Kinfolk Brass Band for our 2nd line and our reception. It was impossible not to dance to their music.

We also had a champagne fountain.

Pick one moment in the day that was your favorite thing?
The first look. With all our nerves on the big day, seeing each other and having a special moment alone together put everything else at ease.

Did it really go by as quickly as everyone says?
It definitely flew by! We had a 4 hour reception, and it was all a whirlwind.

From the Bride – When you first saw the groom, what were you thinking/feeling?
We had a first look, and I immediately started crying when I went to tap him on the shoulder to turn around. I was thinking “oh my gosh, this is it.” I could see in his shoulders that he was tense. His face looked so happy when he turned around, and we had a nice cry together. After that I was thinking “let’s get this show on the road!” I was ready to celebrate.

From the groom – When you first saw the bride, what were you thinking/feeling?
“I’m gonna marry this.”

Who was your baker, what was the flavor of your cake? Was it delicious?!
Maurice’s baked our cake. It was a traditional almond flavored cake with French butter cream icing. For the filling we had french butter cream and raspberry preserves. It was delicious!

Did you do a first look? If so how did you feel about it?
We had a first look, and I’m so glad we did. First, for practical reasons since we could get all the formal portraits out of the way before the ceremony even happened. It allowed us to maximize the daylight and also better enjoy ourselves at the reception. Secondly, it put us both at ease after all the day-of nerves.

Did you have a coordinator or did you plan everything yourself? If you didn’t have a coordinator any advice for brides planning their own wedding?
We planned the wedding ourselves, but hired a coordinator to help out day-of. She was a big help. The biggest advice I’d give to other couples planning their own weddings is 1) to not procrastinate, and 2) I know it’s hard to make decisions at first because you want to compare everything and find the perfect everything, but after a certain point, you have to make decisions and don’t look back. A lot of what you can spend your time on stressing over end up being insignificant details in the grand scheme of things.

What was your first dance song? Why this song?
“Dead Sea” by the Lumineers. It’s always been our song.
The lyrics are really sweet in an unconventional way.
“Like the dead sea, you’ll never sink when you are with me”

Band or DJ? Did they rock it?
We had Kinfolk Brass Band, and they ABSOLUTELY ROCKED IT. There was no way their music didn’t make you want to dance.

We want to hear YOUR advice for future brides.
Don’t get so caught up in the details that you forget to enjoy yourself. You can only control so much.

Anything else you want to say?
Everything went surprisingly perfect, and I can honestly say I wouldn’t change a thing. It still feels utterly magical, and I can’t wait to see the photos!

Race and Religious
510 Race Street
New Orleans, LA 70130